My Own Hair

My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

My First Trim


A close up view of hair strand.

I trimmed my own hair last night…just as I began to two strand twist it. I literally took each piece of hair I was about to twist and snipped the ends..rather simple it seems, but I guess I’ll really be able to tell in the coming days. It was an easy process and needed for some areas. Now I know I cut off more than what was meet in some areas, but it will grow back. If I was at about 93% all natural before, I’d say I’m close to 98% now. I didn’t do this blindly, I actually watched a few YouTube tutorials on trimming natural hair.

Split ends on my own hair

Ends are trimmed now and hair is closer to being 100% natural!!! I can actually tell the permed ends are gone because as I twist my own hair, it curls at the ends and falls down naturally. I can even wear the two strand twist as its own style without having to do the twist out if I’d like. When I twist my hair all over now, it looks somewhat like dreads. Kinda cool, huh, to get the look without having to dread my hair.  The permed ends of course would never curl and would awkwardly hang down.  Take a look at these photos… happy trails!

It's shorter, but neater and strands lie in place post-trim.

I noticed more defined coils with twist out after my trim. Never knew my hair would curl. Amazing.

Sporty style with two strand twists.


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