My Own Hair

My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

Lessons Learned

Here are a few lessons I’ve learned in this natural hair styling process that I want to share with you.

  • Practice makes perfect. If you don’t get the results you want at first, try again.
  • Give your hair what it craves.  For my own hair, that’s mega moisture and mega attention! For most people, my adding triple moisture…shea butter and olive and castor oils would just be overload. But my hair soaks it up heartily and shines for me. I especially notice it can be a challenge to get my hair to shine when I shampoo and add no direct heat like flat ironing. So again, while extreme for some, adding tons of moisture is just what the hair doctor ordered for me.
  •  Change my thinking. Remember the old adage that the less you wash African-American hair the better? There are some people who will only wash their hair every two weeks. I was one of them. And while I’ll only wash with shampoo every two weeks, I will conditioner wash much more often. I notice co-washing every 2-3 days yields really good results. It softens my hair and releases the natural curl and I don’t have to oil my scalp nearly as much if at all when I co-wash often. It’s like it releases the oil buildup.
  • It takes work. I have to work on my hair daily — whether styling, co-washing, experimenting with or preserving a style, it takes work. I would love to have wash and go hair, but does anyone really have that? I mean I could shave it all off and do that, but I’m not ready for that extreme step. So, I must continue to work to find the perfect style and styling agents.
  • Yield to the wise counsel of others. There are those who’ve traveled this path already, so why not use their advice or counsel? I have learned most hairstyles from YouTube videos or asking colleagues who’ve already tried one. The knowledge is yours for the taking, why not use it?

Hope this helps you along our natural hair journey…happy trails!


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