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Let’s do the Twist (out)!

I’m at it again… I co-washed my hair again Sunday night with VO5 conditioner and after applying Cantu Shea Butter leave in conditioner, I put little twists all over my head and allowed it to dry overnight. I created larger twists on the back and sides of my head, and smaller ones near the crown. It seems it will create a nice curly pattern … but…. question is, will it last?

Well, I experimented with it after work Monday. I gently un-twisted each strand and used a light oil from IC as I did. And my hair produced very similar results to the braid out… definite coils in some areas, and others, not so much. This may just take time for my hair to curl on its own without the aid of heat and other harsh styling aids. My desire is to use a product which really defines and elongates my tight curls into long spiral curls or ringlets.  I will work over these next few weeks to enhance this process.

I even went out to expose it to the element and it still kept the overall wave pattern. I don’t think it will hold beyond one more day so I’ll continue wearing my wig for the next few weeks.

I will have a decision to make. There’s a hair show mid-May here in Birmingham so if I don’t feel comfortable enough doing my own hair after that, I will allow my hairdresser to continue to style it. I am so close to revoking my own hairstyling license, but we’ll hang in there for a little while. Lol!

I’m definitely noticing too… the curl pattern in my hair. Some areas appear curlier than others, but I also believe it will take time for my whole head to get accustomed to being styled without the aid of chemicals or other harsh agents.

Nonetheless… what do I think about the twist out? It’s very similar to other styles I’ve worn and will have to grow on me. But I do notice that when I  use setting lotion, my wave pattern is more defined and sets longer. I didn’t use it on this style. The only issue with this is I believe it also dries my hair when I go out in harsh elements…like the sun especially. 

So here’s my dilemma, how do I get the hold without the drying effect of gels and setting lotions?  Hmmmm…. must do some research.


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