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I’m a Big Fan of Co-Washing

I am a big fan of conditioner washing, or co-washing as termed by some. It is very gentle to my hair and releases a natural curl. So far, I’ve co-washed my hair about twice in one week (I just started last Saturday) and each time I’ve been impressed. I used VO5 Extra Body Volumizing Conditioner. Here are the main reasons I’m a fan:

It saves me time. Whereas it would take me almost a half hour to shampoo and condition my hair as part of my previous routine, it only takes about 5-10 minutes max to co-wash — depending on how long I want to leave the conditioner on to work.

It saves me money. It’s actually recommended that you use a very inexpense conditioner to co-wash, like Suave or VO5. These are very budget friendly items. Now, I will take time to regularly deep condition my hair every one to two weeks. I will opt for my Creme of Nature Moisture Extreme conditioner or my Mizani True Textures curl replenish to leave on and sit under a dryer.

I see and feel a difference. I know my hair loves moisture, so why deprive it?  It is still early, but many who’ve already traveled this road have rave reviews about this practice. In fact, I may opt to co-wash almost exclusively. I use “almost” because I know my hair will need a clarifying shampoo sometimes, too. Some have recommended a clarifying shampoo twice a month… 

  I used another popular shampoo regularly and I did notice that day to day styling and exposure to our humid climate left it VERY dry no matter how much oil product I added. I tend to think my shampoo contributed, as it stripped my hair each time I used it.  I’d used a regular shampoo, but I know I’ll have to pay attention and use products with added moisture… again, when I do use regular shampoo. 

I included the link in an earlier post, but I will re-post as this explanation really helped me learn how to co-wash. If you deal with frizzy, dry hair, I’d encourage you to give it a try. And keep in mind, you will have to do this several times before you get true results for your hair.  I don’t believe in one-time wonders. Go to

Anyway, happy co-washing…  Let me know what you think about it



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