My Own Hair

My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

My Natural Hair Journey in Pictures

After talking to my girl group today, I was inspired to show you my hair activity over the past few weeks! Alright here are some pix that chronicle the journy. 
 I had it flexirodded two weeks ago by a professional stylist, which lasted about 5 days. Here’s the look right out of the shop…

This is about 2 weeks ago. I went to the hairdresser on Sunday to get it flexirodded and it lasted a good 5 days, which may not be too bad for my first try. Plus, I went to sleep on it each night with a silk bonnet. Other naturals tell me I should have pinned it up and not slept on the curls, because that apparently flattens them.

Next up, this is day 2, the Monday after I got it flexirodded. 

This is the night of day 3…mom put it in bantu knots to hold curls…

This is day 4 on Thursday… keep in mind each day I’d style I’d use a light oil on my hands like Argan oil or Olive oil to style.

That Friday and Saturday I slicked it all up and pincurled it up in the back and on the sides… and had a straight bang. I had an event in Huntsville that Saturday. 

After this, I then shampooed and let my mom braid it on Sunday afternoon. The first photos are of my home braid out set. I let my mom braid and I took it apart using Argan oil on my fingertips.

The pic below shows about 5 days into it. I really liked this style and it was relatively easy. The only difference, I would have put some sort of shine agent on when we first braided it while wet on Sunday.  I also noticed the longer I went with this braid out style, which I braided each night by the way, the straighter my hair became which was kind of neat. I applied Argan oil on my fingertips as I un-braided it each day.

You know, as I write this… I see that it’s almost totally ridiculous for me to wear a wig (which I have been doing for the past couple of days after utter frustration with some of my own experiments). There may be some uncomfortable times in this natural hair journey, but I do have some style selections that I can wear.  I just need to be patient and step out, which is what I will do.

I think that’s why it’s imperative for me to write — I get to chronicle my experience and actually see the progress. And it’s therapeutic. Shall be interesting to see what the week holds for me…on this natural hair journey


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