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*I wanted to share a note with you all that I wrote to my natural hair support team Trion, Billye, Cherie and Tisha…much love to them for walking with me on this journey*

Hi all! This weekend, Saturday, was hair experimenting day…

I found a great product…that works with my hair to bring out the natural curl (smile Trion)! IC has this product called ICE…it’s a clear pomade that has natural oils in it… and does not have a heavy buildup… ooh la la!!! I used a lot of it… and it works great on my hair… it is heavy, but does enhance the natural curl. It gets high ratings for a wash and go style for me, or if I want to do a braid out style. It softens and sets and shines …doesn’t harden like gel.

In a session early that day, I did an extensive treatment with Mizani products… including a conditioner crème wash, added another conditioner curl enhancer (crème) complete with hot towel wrap under dryer for 30 minutes… After rinsing that out, I applied another Mizani curl crème to loosen natural curls, but I don’t think I applied it correctly… it left no curls, but a nice soft fro. Again, I don’t think I applied correctly as this was my very first stint at creating natural curls.

In my experimenting session later in the day… I used a cheap VO5 conditioner…washed my hair with this and rinsed it out. I applied VO5 again a second time, but I did not wash it out… but literally pulled it through to ends with my hands, getting rid of excess conditioner Then I applied the ICE product after this conditioner wash…I tried the method called shingling — putting the ICE on and pulling from root to ends with my fingers and my hair curled/waved nicely. (I got this off of the site long health hair forum, and it worked

After this a little later, I braided it in little braids all over that Saturday evening… and set it on flexirods but…

I got up Sunday morning and took it down around 8am… but my hair wasn’t dry…so it flopped into a fro. But the little waves looked so cute, but they weren’t dry! I should have given it longer to dry…

I’m wearing a wig today and I’ll likely wear my wig all week.

Friday, I will start a routine of allowing my mom to braid it on Friday evening, and I will take it down Saturday or Sunday.

Needless to say — this is a journey…and this is the most trying part of the process…but it will be worth it in the end. I believe I am just around the corner from the perfect hairstyle for me!!!

 So I say to myself and my fellow natural hair teamers, hang in there…the best is yet to come!!!



  LaTrisha Howard wrote @

I really enjoy reading your blog. I am transitioning myself and it has been nine months since I had a relaxer. It has been a journey determining which products work well with my hair but through trial and error I finally found what works, yay! I wash and condition every week, wear a wig for a few days until the braid set dries. If I want to wear it straight, I let my mom press it with a straightening comb and it last for about 2 weeks. My mom is 50 years old and has never had a relaxer. She has waist length thick hair which inspired me to go natural. I remember as a little girl how long and thick my hair was before I got a relaxer. I am going to hang in there for the long haul, although at times it can be trying.

  myownhair wrote @

Wow…thanks for your feedback! My mom too has long hair, without a relaxer! I like your style choice…that’s very similar to what I do… I shampoo and then do a braid set and allow it to sit a few days… my also try flexirodding again…
Thanks for your input… LaTrisha…

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