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Now you know this just wouldn’t be a natural hair journey blog without me experimenting with styling my own hair — for better or for worse (LOL)! I tried a relatively simple style called a braid out. I shampooed/conditioned my hair with my Creme of Nature products, applied a foaming setting lotion, and had my mom braid it in 7 cornrow braids. I applied a silk cap at night and un-braided my hair by applying Argan oil (from Salley’s) the next morning. I daily apply both Creme of Nature’s Leave in Conditioning creme and Proclaim hair dress, then wrap a scarf  around my temple to keep my edges smooth. The very first day it looked absolutely awesome;  I maintained this style by re-braiding each night and using the same un-braiding technique each day. The waves slightly loosened each day but still had a nice defined pattern.

I resorted to this style because I want to cut down on applying and styling with direct heat. Overall this gets a thumbs up from me because I like the carefree nature of the style. I just know it will take some time to get the right products. I’d like a product that defines my curls/waves more, and adds shine without a heavy buildup. I have a multitude of product suggestions…from Olive Oil Organic Root Stimulator products…Hair Rules… to Just for Me hair milk for an on-the-go style. I have this inkling as well to try Mizani True Texture products. I’ve heard good things about it.

Stay tuned for more pictures. Here’s the experience in my own words, plus some encouragement for those joining me on this journey.



  Christine wrote @

I like the new hair and I enjoyed your YouTube video!

  myownhair wrote @


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