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I’ve mentioned that having a support system is key in the “going natural” hair process. Meet two of my friends as they share why they’re on this path. Latasha Humphrey is a grad student, awesome woman and super mom. The other, Willetta Jackson, manages to hold down a family as wife and mother, while also maintaining a very successful career. Kudos to you ladies!

Never mind that this video is a little shaky… it was my first stint with the Iphone ok! I share their stories because they help me share the many facets of going natural. We’re all on a path, just taking different routes to get there.

First meet Latasha…



  une autre naturelle wrote @

As always, great post. I agree with your friend Latasha. I had my locs for 5 years before I combed them out and I do not think it affected my career.
It’s great to have a support system.

  myownhair wrote @

Thanks. I am still thinking through that “corporate” system. No doubt with my latest hairstyle, I am on a natural journey. I had my hair flexi-rodded and my hair now looks definitely like a “natural” hair style. After a couple of days, more of my own hair texture is showing… which is more along the line of thick/course.
I am easing into it… and really… thinking seriously about whether I will use this style to transition to summer to give my hair a break from heat…

  myownhair wrote @

Thanks for your feedback by the way.

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