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Don’t Try This at Home, Homie

Hated it… I think back on the comic routine on “In Living Color” where the quirky movie critics, Men on Film, rendered their hilarious opinion on various things. Well, when it comes to my homemade hair experiment, I echo their words. It was not cute in my opinion.  Perhaps because I’m not accustomed to seeing myself with curly hair and perhaps it wasn’t what I’d imagined. Either way, I need more training before I step out like that. I must admit others said nice things, but I wasn’t “feeling it.” It also marked my first experiment with Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding. I’ll have to give it a few more tries before I actually know the effect on my hair. Here’s what I did in a nutshell with my home experiment:

I shampooed my hair on a Friday night with Creme of Nature Organic products…the shampoo and deep conditioner. Once I rinsed out the conditioner, I added the Curly Pudding and a Bronner Brothers’ castor oil leave-in conditioning creme while I put flexirods on my hair…all while wet of course. I left the rods in overnight and removed them the next morning, making sure my hair was dry…for a total of about 12 hours (I know, I have very thick hair.)  I was able to flexirod my hair after viewing a couple of tutorials on YouTube. It is definitely easy and you can get the hang of it pretty quick.

My hair definitely curled, but lesson number one — no mixing different products. The Bronner Brothers’ and Miss Jessie’s didn’t mix well and it left small flakes in my hair. That’s the first mistake. Then, the curls only lasted about a day. I believe that has to do with the fact that I didn’t use any setting lotion to hold my curls. But here’s an interesting tip — I put some sections of my hair (plaiting it, not braiding it to my help) in two strand twists and then rolled it, and this, I thought, turned out really neat. Again, it was a matter of none of this holding for more than one day.

Now keep in mind, I really like the flexirods with my straightened hair. They give it a lift and curl unlike any other rollers I’ve used. Tomorrow, I will allow a professional to either give me a straw set or use flexirods to set my hair in curls all over.

Keep in mind, I am still very  much in the experimentation phase in this hair journey, trying to find the hairstyle that works just right for me. Plus, I figure with summer coming, I’ll need something a little more low maintenance. I need more practice with styling my hair and would much rather a professional do it, but I tend to do really well maintaining it.

Pictures coming of my professional roller set…stay tuned…in the meantime, only because I’ve committed to be transparent am I even sharing pix of my own roller set. Yes, I am brave!


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