My Own Hair

My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

Easter Sunday Style


The night before Easter I tried something a little different. I flexi-rodded my straightened hair and it gave my a head full of nice, soft curls. In fact, I will try it again tonight because that seemed to produce a really nice effect. By the way, I didn’t wet my hair or do anything like that. I simply flexi-rodded my straightened hair. I got this tip from a girl who works at my neighborhood Sally’s. I must admit she was right on the money.

As I move forward, I want a style that doesn’t involving excessive heat. Plus, with the hotter temperatures coming, I am “feeling” a style that will be set with rollers and last for weeks. Infact, this coming weekend, I will allow a stylist to roller set my hair for a spiral curl effect. This should be very interesting because I’ve never worn my hair like this.

Continuing in my super transparency mode, this has been the most challenging part of the hair journey for me. Finding the hairstyle that combines just the right amount of pizazz, looks professional without being too harsh or high maintenance. But I must remember, it’s all part of the process. So, just as I ended one phase in this natural hair journey, another begins. I will find the perfect low maintenance hair style for me. Again, I like the press, but long-term, I just can’t believe it’s the style that will maintain optimum health. 

Stay tuned for my next update. I’ll tell you about my own experiment with roller setting my natural hair after shampooing it… it was interesting


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