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Whoooo Hoooo! I am really settling into the natural hair gig and having much fun along the way. I have experimented with very few styles at this point but as I venture out, I will keep you posted and share what this process involves. I’ve mainly gotten it washed, blow dried and straightened it (with a flatiron)…which has worked well. The stylist started by clipping my ends all over and creating cascading layers as my mid-length hair is definitely longer in the back. This is definitely a no-frills style, even somewhat plain, but it serves its purpose of being a professional style that’s easy to maintain. This style lasts about two weeks, but does involve moderate work between salon visits. To maintain my straightened hair, I shower at night and firmly wrap my hair and tie it up so the steam/heat won’t adversely affect it. I get up a couple of hours before work and use about 30 plastic mid-size rollers each morning all over my head. I use smaller ones for a tighter curl, and larger ones for a more loose curl but I find the more I do this, that’s not even as important. I find that I have a nice curl, or bend after about two hours. I see a really nice curl at about 4 hours and beyond. This will last all day. I do this most days. In rare cases, I will curl my hair using hot curlers if it doesn’t hold up due to the weather. Humid and rainy weather does occassionally affect my hair’s ability to hold curls, but that has been rare. Again, I like this style, but it definitely doesn’t get the nod for the most razzle dazzle. It’s a nice starter style I’ll say, but it does leave something to be desired. If I decide to keep this style, my next investment will be heat rollers. I’ve read that says this is the way to go when you’re short on time. But honestly, I’m still searching for that “it” style…but haven’t found it yet!



  une autre naturelle wrote @

Even though you don’t thik you found that it style, I must say it looks really nice.
Thanks for sharing

  myownhair wrote @

I appreciate your encouragement…this has definitely been a journey!

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