My Own Hair

My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

How I Did It

Ok, so you’ve been toying with the idea of going natural, but you may not  know where to begin. I can offer some help here.

One of the most valuable tips I can give you is to make sure you invest time and energy into a support system. Ask questions, find others making the journey, and build your team. There is a familiar saying that goes no man is an island… this couldn’t be more true on your natural hair journey. People can save you from making costly and embarassing mistakes. Or, as I often find with others who are on this journey, they are important motivators to help me stay on the path. Another perk is that you can get recommendations from folks who’ve already tried many of the products on the market. That saves you time and money. One caution here, no need to become a certifiable product junkie…as some have…in their quest to go natural. You can experiment, but do use wisdom by sticking to what works for you.

Another tip — when I made the decision to go without the aid of chemicals on my hair, I researched diligently. I visited blogs and various websites to get information in addition to asking friends and family. I must say that my mom was a forerunner in this arena because she’s been styling her hair naturally for at least 10 years, so her support and insight was key.

Third, be patient! Your hair is adjusting to this process as well so don’t expect any overnight miracles. If it’s a little tough to comb through your hair while the relaxer wears out and more of your natural hair comes in, that’s understandable. But it’s also temporary.

 Keep working with your hair and I promise you won’t be disappointed in the long run. 

Happy trails


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