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Before I move on, let me take a few moments to talk more about “why” I started this blog. It is not meant in any way to demean or discourage women who’ve chosen to stay the path of relaxed hair. As I mentioned earlier, perms/relaxers were absolutely my friends for a number of years and we were “tight” if you know what I mean.

 I didn’t choose this path to negatively reflect upon any product, rather, I made a mistake in choosing not to investigate the person who administered it. That hairdresser didn’t take the proper time to adequately rinse out all of the chemicals, which led to a major problem. I realize I am not alone. When this happened, I read about women whose hair had fallen out in addition to experiencing chemical burns.  I didn’t lose any hair fortunately, but the memory of the discomfort I felt for months remains.  This is what started my journey in a nutshell.  Had that not happened, I may not be here today, but for whatever reason, I am.

In researching and reading on natural hair, there’s some information out there which would suggest that some of these natural hair blogs or Web sites work very hard to discourage women who relax their hair. Understand me clearly here — that is not my motive.  Infact, I would hope women with or without perms with black or blond strands would visit this blog so we can hold an intelligent conversation about an arena that has long held so many of us in bondage — our hair texture! Regardless of our backgrounds, as women, we have plenty of stories to share regarding the strands on top of our heads!  (I see you shaking your heads to this statement:)

Let’s be free ladies and dialogue toward creative and inspiring hair solutions. Know my desire is to give healthy hair information and encourage those who’ve either started along the natural hair journey, or are strongly considering. I use my stories not to glorify myself, but to give real-life examples and information that you can use wherever your path may lead.

But now, back to this issue of bad hair vs. good hair…  we’ll have to delve a little farther to figure out just “who” has good hair… and why does it matter anyway?


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