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My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

Good Hair vs. Bad Hair

In the African American community, there’s talk about “good hair” vs. “bad hair.” Hair that is of a straighter, easier-to-manage texture is often thought of as more desirable than that which is more coarse.

I honestly don’t think this debate is limited to one community. I believe women of all ethnicities must come to grips with our God-given strands — whether straight, wavy, curly or kinky. Why is it that we often reject what we’ve been naturally given? I did this for years and have somehow realized that in rejecting what I was given, I was somehow rejecting a part of me.  But I am not alone.

I know a number of women whose natural hair texture is wavy or curly — what some would consider “good hair.”  They literally shampoo their hair, let it dry and presto — a beautiful head of natural curls or cascading waves! But when I talk to them, I sometimes gather they’re not as appreciative of their own strands. That approach is not the full story I admit, because I also realize it could simply be the quest to vary their normal routine, as variety truly is the spice of life. I think we as women absolutely love having choices. Who wouldn’t, right?  To put it simply, if you grow up eating pound cake all your life, somewhere down the road you’ll want to try a new flavor! (never mind that’s a true personal example, the theory pretty much holds true for this subject too:)

This journey has taught me to accept my own hair, in its natural state, and that acceptance has paved the way for a greater acceptance of me. That in turn paves the way for true confidence now no matter “what means” I use to style my own hair – through perming or chemical-free means. (I think I’ve shared enough in this blog for you to know though that I will be taking the chemical-free route, at least for now.)

Quoting one of my former hairdressers… “good hair” is any hair that’s on your head… it’s not the texture or grade that determines if  it’s “good,” it’s your commitment to treat, care for and choose a style that accentuates your crowning glory. I kinda like that theory, don’t you?

Who started that term any way…”good hair?”


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