My Own Hair

My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

Lesson Number One

Hasty decisions often have negative consequences and information is always the best safeguard. When it comes to choosing hairdressers, get information — don’t move forward solely based on a friend’s recommendation. I know many of us do this on a daily basis.

In all these years…I’ve never really thought about the fact that we as women, in putting our best face forward, go through a number of atrocious steps in order to beautify ourselves. Now…had I not had that experience, I wouldn’t be on this natural hair journey path I’m sure. And trust me, I am not knocking my former process of relaxing my hair because it served me very well for years.  I am saying for me there’s another path I’m choosing.

 I won’t allow people or tradition to tell me anymore what’s beautiful and if the end result is the same, at least it’s good to know I have options.  I cannot claim ignorance or even disgust with what led me on this road either. I simply made a wrong decision in “whom” I chose to care for my hair. This person simply made a mistake, so I have no bone to pick with her either. For some reason I am here — discovering the real me.  And I accept and embrace that.

I look at it as a bold example of how we can get in routines or ruts for years and never even question a better way. Nope, just heading about on our path while never questioning until we’re forced to re-think. For almost 30 years I chose this path. But the new path is offering me an opportunity to go back to my roots…



  JOY wrote @

Find a hairdresser that meet all your needs, not keeping you in the shop all day, make you feel so sexy when you leave & someone you connect with!

  myownhair wrote @

Thanks Joy! I hear you girl…

  Arlan wrote @

Well, first of all I just wanted to say congratulations on your journey of reinventing yourself (via your hairstyle). You have seemed to put a lot of thought into it and seem to be very happy. So I am happy for you! Your articles are very interesting and I had no idea how big a decision natural or permed could be for a woman. This has been enlightening. In reading your articles, I see that you had quite an experience that catapulted you into thoughts of change. I would have to say don’t let that bad experience be your determination for your change. That would be too much of an emotional decision. Just as long as you thought it out completely and it truly brings you joy, I say go for it. If it brings you joy, that is all that matters. I look forward to meeting the new you 🙂

  myownhair wrote @

Very thoughtful Arlan…and good pointers. I sure appreciate it!!!

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