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My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

Why I chose this path

I can understand the sarcasm regarding me tackling this topic.     Sure you think, another one of those blogs which caters to self-indulgence. Being a former journalist, I am inclined to go somewhat deeper. There have been many lessons I’ve learned that I will share.

I began this road, unexpectedly, if not unfortunately. March 2009 I visited a hairdresser recommended by a friend. Well, she did a great job in a pinch. I had fairly short hair and was in the process of growing it out, so I had a couple of inches all over my head with it slightly longer in the back if you can imagine. So, visit salon. Check. Get chemical relaxer. Check. Rinse and style hair. Check. Go home.

Everything was just fine for those first few days. Nothing felt out of place. But about a week later, while eating lunch with my friend, I noticed my head felt weird (true story). It was windy and it felt like the wind was coming right through my scalp. I held my head feeling dizzy all the while. I had no idea what was going on. Well, talking to the same friend I’d had lunch with the day before, she mentioned that she was thinking about the relaxer I’d gotten and it hit me — all of the chemical had not been shampooed out of my hair! Yikes! For the ladies who get chemical relaxers you understand that tingling burning sensation you feel once a chemical has stayed on your scalp too long. I immediately shampooed my hair and began to experience some relief….but… this was just the beginning of my forced journey…



  Gilda Clayton wrote @

Never quite experience such, but I HAVE HEARD SEVERAL people express their concern with stylist rushing through the shampooing process and leaving chemicals behind. It can not only cause sores, but also headaches and nausea. You should expose that person so that it doesn’t happen to others.

No Secret left unexposed!!!!

  myownhair wrote @

Gilda… that’s pretty straight forward and thought-provoking.
Thanks for sharing your suggestion…good food for thought!

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