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What hair style shall I choose?

Hmmm… may not seem like a big deal, but with weeks to go before I “go natural,” I am wondering what hair style will best suit me in my position. Two factors weighing heavy in this process include my corporate work environment and ease of style for me personally. 

Now, here’s what you should know first. I have seen some people carry this off beautifully, but — I am not your likely candidate for a short fro or locks, at least not at this point. For me, the most challenging part of this whole journey has not been caring for my hair (shampooing/conditioning/combing) or even the transition process from relaxer to natural hair, but discovering what style will work best. I see so many demonstrations on “do it yourself” styles, but those have not been well suited for me. My best path is to go with a styling professional who can trim and neatly style my hair on a consistent basis. Hey I know my strengths, and self hairstyling is not one of them.

My thought at this point is to get a good overall trim for my hair and just wear a mid-length sleek/straight style and keep it wrapped at night, perhaps treating it with a light oil spray. (A wonderful hairdresser taught me the correct way to do this very recently and it worked really well). Back in mid-summer, I had two stylists straighten my hair on two separate occassions. Both used flat irons.

 There is so much debate about straightening the hair (or what we’d formerly call pressing, but now most use a flat iron instead of  a pressing comb). Is it healthy for your hair?  Does it change your natural hair texture? Will it last with the extreme summers or high humidity? I don’t have the answers yet because it will be my first spring/summer wearing my own hair, but I will sure blog about the experience and keep you posted.

Either way, I’ve made it to this point and that’s a milestone. For those who ask, how I made it this far, it’s simple. I shampoo and condition my hair about once every two weeks and braid in cornrows, which holds it well. I wear a wig because it’s an easy go style and affords my hair the opportunity to rest.

More to come on what regimen I use, but for now…I’m taking your suggestions on a style for me?



  KIM wrote @

I am loving the blog. And the new hairstyle looks so good on you. Then again, you do have the face for it. ;o)

  myownhair wrote @

Kim, I appreciate it…now you know…we have to schedule another session when I debut my hair…somewhere around mid-March…I will keep you posted Rock Star!

  Darryl wrote @

I see the similarities in life about making hasty decisions.Sometimes it can cost you dearly not knowing at the time…Whatever style you choose I’m sure you will look fine with your lovely face!…Personally I like short permed hair(bob haircut)…I’m just glad I don’t have to go through what women do about their hair.I get mine cut about four times a year,usally about 20$ a cut…Once though I made a hasty decision and let a girlfriend cut my hair, she said she had experience cutting white mens hair. I knew I was in trouble when she started laughing as she cut a big gouge out of it.So after she finished I had to go to work, my boss asked me what happened to my head.All I could do with my hair was get the clippers and give myself a crew cut,but it grew out fairly fast and was very easy to maintain…

  myownhair wrote @

Oh my Darryl… you’ve got a great story! I guess we all have to be mindful of hasty decisions…

  Arlan wrote @

OK, it’s me again. You ask what hair style to choose…now that is a good question. Really I don’t think you have to choose just one. Even going natural, there are a lot of styles to choose from. I personally feel that you could pull off so many different styles and still look great. So go with what your feeling. I mean I like that “jazzy” tapered looking cut that you have in the “count down” picture in the black outfit. I also like the style in this blog, as well. It’s stylish, yet conservative. I also believe you would look nice with the three styles in “Lesson Nummber One” blog. So, I guess I am taking the long way around to say, don’t over think it or limit yourself. Have fun with it and enjoy yourself. You will look great no matter what you choose. You’ll have all the guys singing “whose that lady, who’s that lady…” (The Isley Brothers – that’s grown folk music. You don’t know “nothin bout” that. That’s before your time 🙂 Oh and they all would be corporate safe.

  myownhair wrote @

Arlan…you are so thoughtful… I feel you in rocking a couple of styles…

I hope you can continue to comment … Very helpful and Very much appreciated!!!

And I do know about grown folks music … We are about the same age …. Lol!!!

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