My Own Hair

My Amazing Natural Hair Journey

The Countdown…

Quite simply I started this blog to help all those who are transitioning to natural hair after years of perming.

March 5, 2010 will mark my one year anniversary on the journey of discovering my natural hair. And you talk about excitement!  I have seen more hairstyles, extensions and wigs in this one year than I’d care to admit… all on the way to a relaxer-free hairstyle.

This process has been what I call a spiritual experience — I like dealing with the real me. And that’s all aspects, from shampooing my hair, styling it and touching it… It has been nearly 30 years since I started perming. Whew!!!

So the end of March is the time to be me…naturally. And I am excited to see… what image will reflect back to me… naturally.



  Nigel wrote @

OMG! I honestly believe that you fall in that category where you can wear ANY hairstyle and it’d work for you. I am a fan of long straight hair, but I admire a sistah who can rock a brush cut or tight fro.

I love this and I will make sure to keep up with what’s going on.

  myownhair wrote @

Thanks Nigel…

  Chris wrote @

If you like it, I love it. Not sure why the switch to “natural” but I’ve seen a lot of “sistas” making it happen. You’re a beautiful lady so I’m sure whatever style you choose will be fitting.

  myownhair wrote @

Keep reading…you’ll understand at one point it was “forced” not “choice”… but I’ve embraced this path…

  Tammy Dunn wrote @

I applaud your bravery!! I didn’t realize that you were about to embrack on one year without having a perm…

  myownhair wrote @

Exactly… it has been a journey… keep reading and we must chat about it…

  Lydia wrote @

WOW! I’m just glad to see that somebody else has attempted this and has been at for a long time! Now, have you decided how you’re gonna wear it? Has ALL of the perm grown completely out? Oh my, I just have so many thoughts going through my mind right now!! Do you think going natural is worth it? I’ve gone since December without one and this is the LONGEST I’ve ever gone. OMG!! I just don’t know what to do with it. . .I like the wigs but I think I will do a lot better with braids or something, I get tired of the wig after a 8hr period. . .sometimes sooner than that. Decisions, decisions :-).

  myownhair wrote @

I encourage you in your journey…it takes a lot of patience… but I wouldn’t go back for anything…
I think I will do a simple flat iron straightened look, and possibly cut it into a nice bob if need be… I’ll keep it simple, I’m just excited I can do this without chemicals! I would definitely saying going natural is worth it…definitely…I feel like it put me in touch with the real me…and I have described it as a spiritual experience… stick with it if it’s in your heart… and feel free to get back in touch with me for motivation!!!

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